Vegas Valley Auctions specializes in the Liquidation of Estates, Farm and Ranch, Warehouse, Storage and Fleet…

We offer Custom Packages to fit your needs. Remember your success is our success. Please contact our sales team today.

Auctions are the most unique way to sell any items of value. People flock to auctions with great anticipation and excitement of getting exactly what they are looking for. How will using Vegas Valley Auctions benefit you as the seller?

Rather than combine a little bit of everything from a number of people, as a typical auction house, we produce Custom Auction Events specifically designed for individuals or small groups. When we produce your Auction it will be tailored precisely to YOUR circumstances and YOUR property. Our Specialized Auction Events have excellent results as they allow us to pin point buyers interested in exactly what you have.

Speedy Process, Quick Turnaround

An auction is immediate. When you book an auction with us, you will know exactly when and where your items will sell. Choose the time and place that best suits you. This allows you to reach out to your friends, families and potential buyers of your own and give them a guaranteed time and place.

Cutting Edge Marketing of your Property

When you consign with us, you are GUARANTEED the most extensive marketing and advertising available. We use cutting edge advertising and internet marketing that reaches out to buyers WORLDWIDE. We go above and beyond to make sure your items reach all potential buyers.

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to open up the bidding process up to 4 weeks before the actual date of the sale! We catalog your items with brilliant pictures and descriptions that are available to anyone with internet access. Buyers are able to bid before the date of the sale, which essentially creates another auction in itself. This gives plenty of time for careful consideration and also, more time to spend more money!

Buyer-Friendly Bidding

We are proud to offer our buyers a variety of convenient ways to bid. First, they can view our online catalog as soon as it becomes available and place their bids then. This allows them to check back at their convenience and raise their bids. Buyers also have the option of placing a max bid in the event they will not be able to check back before the date of the sale. This ensures them a chance at winning the item even though they cannot attend the sale. Finally, buyers can attend the actual live auction onsite or online. Our virtual auction program allows online buyers to hear and see the live auction as we sell. This program is extremely user-friendly, and we have had nothing but happy and satisfied buyers. What does this mean to you? Maximum money for each item you sell.

Competitive Bidding

The excitement of the auction process often motivates buyers to spend more, especially if they have their heart set on a particular item, or the item is one-of-a-kind. Bidding wars are exciting and often bring out the spirit of competition in people. They simply MUST WIN by being the highest bidder. This friendly competition often causes people to pay above and beyond fair market value for an item.

No Negotiations

When people bid, they make a commitment to purchase your items for a specific dollar amount. Once the auctioneer says “SOLD!” there is no debate or discussion about the price your item has been sold for. No wasted time bargaining or wheeling and dealing.

We Do All the Work!

This speaks for itself! We handle everything from start to finish. All you do is supply the items, and pick up your check!


Auctions are very organized, and the rules are very straightforward. Besides holding ourselves to a very high moral standard, we are bound by a special code of ethics to protect you against any unfair practices. We have 20 plus years of experience in the auction business, and a large following of loyal clients. They trust us to bring them an honest experience, and we always make good on this. Rest assured your business will be handled with the utmost honesty and integrity.

Auctions Do Well in Any Economy

Despite the dip in economic times, our auctions are still flourishing. We have a huge following of loyal buyers, as well as a steady stream of new buyers with each sale. Also, due to our extensive marketing, we have many people interested and waiting for our next auction.

Vegas Valley Auctions is bringing you 20 plus years of experience in the auction business. We pride ourselves on our hard work and ability to optimize your profit from your sale. We offer personalized Auction Programs based on your needs, and guaranteed satisfaction. Vegas Valley Auctions is committed to giving our clients the best service. We look forward to doing business with you.