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I couldn't recommend anyone better Vegas Valley Auctions took our year end banquet and tripled our profits the first year, can't wait to see what happens this year.

--Griffith Feed--

Shane conducted our auction and did an amazing job! We do this same auction every year but this was the first time we had a professional auctioneer. It made a world of difference for how much we raised. We exceeded our goal by thousands of dollars and Shane played a big part in that. He was funny and got people excited to compete to bid on the items.

--Jeff Giles--

I was very impressed with the professionalism of Vegas Valley Auctions. They know the science of auctions and how to get the most out of the items being sold. Thank you Vegas Valley Auctions for working hard to get the most money out of our items.

--Andy Millerberg--

I was pretty nervous about using an auction but all fears were soon put at ease as I talked with the crew at Vegas Valley auctions. They actually take time to explain entire process and go over everything with you. You cant beat the customer service thru the entire process. Helpful, friendly and fun to work with all the staff. Thanks guys

--Gary Greaves--

Connie and I feel that VVA performed very professional and did the best that they could in this economy. Thank you for your service.

--Bill & Connie Bussee--

I want to thank you for all you did for us in handling my grandparents estate sale. Everything went perfectly, we could not be more pleased. Great job to all. Thank you so much

--Marie Maples--

Very Professional & Hard Working! Definitely went above and beyond for us, because of our unique situation. Our options for making real money put us in a corner... plus us not knowing exactly what to do or how was scary. After meeting a few other companies just made it worse, but when we met and talked with Shane & Nick life was good! These guys spent hours walking us through each step explaining what & how to do It. They truly helped us from start to finish, answered all questions, sometimes more than once, always with a smile and great attitude. We're beyond happy with our experience and ending results with this company.

Thanks Again Guys!!

--Sterling Peterson--

I have never written to anyone about a job well done, but I must let you know how I feel about all you did for us. Everything went perfectly and thank you for answering all our questions through each step. You let us know exactly what to expect.

Great team, and a BIG thanks to all!

--James Tillet--